About Ariya


Ariya’s sweet yet sensual bellydancing is known to liven and deeply captivate her audience. Many viewers are awestruck by her mesmerising combination of power and beauty. Being able to successfully meld two opposing aspects of her feminine nature; her sweetness and her fierceness, Ariya has created a unique style which charms and has earned her a name as one of London’s most popular uprising talents. 

Desire for creativity and a never quenched thirst for learning fuels Ariya's passion for bellydancing. Ariya is able to express herself through the magic of movement, a language of the body which has transcended time going back to our ancestors. Ariya believes that bellydancing is one of the very few forms of physical and spiritual communication available for female emancipation in today’s society. Raw passion for this art form  strives from the empowerment of femininity, strength and control over one's own body.

 Ariya teaches that ‘self-love, acceptance, mindfulness and compassion’ are unlocked through this beautiful art form; which allows her to experience strength, power and confidence whilst keeping in tune with her femininity.

Having studied oriental bellydance style with renowned teachers in the UK and abroad; Ariya resides in London where she can be found performing at events such as weddings, parties, functions, local dancing events, haflas, festivals and charity events. She has taken on small dance related roles in bigger projects such as ‘Aladdin’ (upcoming 2019), ‘The only way is Essex’ (2018) and music videos with local and international artists with more exciting projects on the way.

Previous Projects

  • Disney's Aladdin (upcoming 2019)
  • The only way is Essex (2018)
  • London Language Show
  • Music Video appearance for Ramin Attash
  • Music videos for local based artists
  • Local charity events for upcoming female talent
  • London Cabaret
  • Cafe de Paris (London)

Dance Studies

  • Intensive study in Egypt learning the roots of bellydance
  • Intensive 1 month Amora Shams 'BBDC Become Bellydancer course in Egypt'
  • Tannoura (Egypt)
  • Private tabla session (Egypt)
  • Folkloric (Egypt)
  • International workshops studying from renowned teachers such as Randa Kamel, Aida Bogomolova, Amora Shams, Raqia Hassan, Artem Uzunov, Meg Mayya, Tamalyn Dallal, Sarah Malik, Farah Nasri, Nabila
  • Group classes (London)
  • Private classes